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Abilities of the Sentient

Abilities of the Sentient


 The Journal I don’t have to tell you what will happen if anyone finds this journal.   Have I made myself clear? Good, let’s begin.  Preface Forget everything you think you know about this life form. They’re nothing like we thought. There’s nothing you can do to stop what’s about to happen.  Save yourself.  Abilities […]

Lore of the Sentient

Lore of the Sentient


 Catch-up Missed the first two Sentient posts?  View Part One  – Sentient (featuring the story model, the synopsis, the science and a scene introducing the main character,   ‘I wouldn’t do that’). View Part Two – Sentient, the why (Featuring a scene introducing the theme of colonisation, ‘First time for you’). Read a trailer script based on […]

Sentient - The why

Sentient – The why


 In this post The tribe has spoken What’s next? Why Sentient? First time for you? Graphic designer wanted for site redesign Next post – preview Your slice of the pie New poll – Crowd funding mythology – Bust this  The tribe has spoken You voted to shift to Sentient. February – March will see the publishing […]

Series Bible (Part Four) – Terror State


   What would you do if you knew you couldn’t be caught? Australia is stunned by the events of Day One. Seven billion people have succumbed to an indescribable terror. Contact with the world is lost. A day before, the Australian people voted for change of government but that was then and this is now […]

The Title


 What’s in a name? The right choice of title, gains audience and grabs attention. It speaks to genre and tone. It delivers what people are looking for then something new. It asks the question, ‘What if?’ The title, ‘Journey of the seeds’ like  ‘Game of thrones’ or ‘Lord of the rings’ suggests an epic fantasy […]

The Van Wilt report

The Van Wilt report


 What’s working, what’s not EXT. FOX STUDIOS, SYDNEY – DAY Creative Director, Luissa Lawrence and Presence Films’ CEO, David Steinhoff, meet to consider the next step in the digital revolution. The duo come up with an idea to create an online development community where fans, film-makers and investors can collaborate, create, connect and invest. The very […]

Soliven’s Possession


 There is no escape from possession. In Nikita Ivanenko and Daniel Garcia’s, ‘The house on the lake’, a strong spirit called Veronique seizes control of her prey. In V1 of ‘The house on the lake’, the possessed soul disappears in the red swirling storm of the abyss. In V2, the victim is lured into a […]


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