Sentient Australia Review - Draft Two

Sentient Australia Review – Draft Two

Sentient Australia Draft Two

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Draft Two of Sentient – Australia – The 65 page Pilot script, is ready for review. Click on the latest draft of the Pilot script (left) to view.

Read the summary document here.

Submit your review by Sept 30th 2019.

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Don’t forget, participating in each of the reviews/tasks for 2019 earns a bonus 25,000 points IP. 

Also, all delivered, commissioned drafts are now recorded on the record of drafts page.

Thanks so much for participating.

SEP - Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600Sentient Genre mix


When an alien lifeform unleashes a holocaust on humanity, a Navy diver takes command of the survivors to fight back against an ever-evolving, ever more frightening version of us, ‘The Sentient.’


Inspired by the Sydney 2009 red dust storm.

red line on 151515

Review task

Here is the new, simplified review process. 

1. Rate the work using the 1-5 star system at the top of the post.

2. Write and submit your own two to five, page review offering your own advice and email it to the HOD. 

3. Optional – Submit a one-paragraph comment summarising your most important advice in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

Five thousand points.

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  1. Initial thoughts. I think you’ve set youself all the right tasks here and solved all the problems of the previous draft that I saw. I only found the to and fro action in the lab with more characters emerging a little hard to follow but referring to the summary as I went might have helped there.


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