Sentient Australia - Draft Four

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Now that you’ve read the ‘Sentient’ Pilot script (left), we’d like to hear your ideas on casting. 

Who would you cast in the roles mentioned below? 

Email your suggestions, along with their photo, and perhaps their IMDB link to the HOD for 500 points per suggestion. 

Your points will be added to your Leaderboard tally. 

Don’t have time for that? Log in and add your ideas as a comment at the bottom of this page. 


SEP - Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600


Lt. Com. Michael Dowd

Dr Amon Teicher 

Able Seaman Che Amiri

red line on 151515


Vice Admiral J. Deakin Frank

Commodore Kathryn Freisler

Coxswain Jasar Eid 

red line on 151515

Petty Office Lachlan Hunt

Know these actors?

Be first to name them for a bonus 100 points. Log in and comment below. 

red line on 151515

Australian versus international Actors

Certain roles may be cast from countries other than Australia where there is the potential of Co-Production. So, you can suggest Actors from all over the world but not for the lead role of Lt. Commander Michael Dowd.

red line on 151515

Team picks for casting


SEP - Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600


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8 Responses

  1. Casting of the lead
    Can we cast an Indigenous Australian in this role?

    It may be simpler to cast the role of Che Amiri as an Indigenous Australian rather than trying to cast the lead role of Lt Commander Michael Dowd.

    Given international travel is looking slim for quite some time, the choice of casting may be better off focused on Internationals right here at home.

  2. Also very keen on Jane Harber as the Commodore. This role may however need an older actor. The age range needs to be 40s.

  3. If we don’t go Indigenous for DOWD we could reach out to Chris Hemsworth. Thinking he would be very excited to play this role and that could bring greater financing to the project due to the reach.


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