The Look of the Sentient - Part One

The Look of the Sentient – Part One


The journey of the Sentient 

The journey of the Sentient is to learn what it is to become truly human.

Friendship and betrayal, desire and loss, love and hate, hate and revenge.

They have a mission but their human experience changes that path. 

Like us, their look changes with their journey. 

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From the sea

Say my name

They’re actually not called, ‘The Sentient’ by the survivors. 

They are referred to by the human survivors as, ‘The lifeforms.’

The screenplay is titled, ‘Sentient’ because it is the story of a group of humans who learn to become truly Sentient and the lifeforms who learn what it is to become truly human.

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BETAS – Distant, terrifying, always watching

Seen as hazy figures in the mist.

Full of stars. 

A faint blue haze, just a narrow sliver, drifts either side of them.

The lifeform is dense. Too dense for its human form. It spills outside of the host as it moves. 

Electric blue pulses randomly shiver across their bodies.

They watch, they learn, they mimic.

The Betas primary role is to protect the Alphas but they are each, their own entities and will find unique paths. 

Fast fact – They take their hosts to water. The changes they make to the human body create immense heat. They comfortably reside in the cool of the ocean, a river, even a swimming pool during the time of transition. Some will return to water. 

Betas in the mist

Betas in the mist

In the distance watching us

In the distance watching us

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Dominant BETAS

The dominant BETAS’ faces feature unique floating constellations such as seen in Act One of the Pilot for Sentient – Australia. 

Helix Nebula




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Full of stars

All of the lifeforms start out as Betas. The strongest metamorphosize into Alphas. Even as Alphas they retain their distinctive floating star markings.

Reference Post; Full of stars

Full of stars

Full of stars

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ALPHAS – The sirens

They have many looks. Always enigmatic, always female, always featuring the allure of the siren. 


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How we observe you

Cat people 

Cats observe with a playful innocence yet a predatory eye.

If a human looked at you in the same way, you would be in fear of your life.

That sums up the disturbing experience of being observed by an Alpha lifeform. The duality of innocence offset by the look of a predator.

The Alpha lifeforms, who manifest as stunningly beautiful sirens, focused on finding a very specific mate, have this duality, just like cats. They demonstrate a playful innocence yet a predatory focus that is disturbing. They are both erotic and dangerous. You may be about to have the best night of your life, be killed or both. That duality, plus writing in alternative outcomes based on their interaction with the human survivors will keep viewers on edge never knowing for sure what will happen. 

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Coming up in Parts Two and Three 

  • Behaviour out of sync with normal human behaviour revealing them as disturbing and creepy
  • See them, see us, watching from a distance
  • See them mimicking our behaviour
  • Casting long shadows
  • In our dreams
  • Interacting with animals
  • Camouflaged
  • Discovery of their parkour skills
  • Flippant and playful with nature, animals and then human mates
  • Alphas – Sentient seduction 
  • Beta sexuality and their focus on human female survivors
  • When the military raid
  • Held in captivity, deprived, isolated, tortured, radicalised
  • After escape – the hunger – a new look among them 
  • Broken and cannot be fixed
  • Tribalised
  • Masked
  • In their lair

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This isn’t Star Trek, (no disrespect intended to that fine work).

We’re not putting a prosthetic on people and having them speak in American English. 

The design of this lifeform, its culture and evolution are unique. Even its origins. The lifeforms’ arrival on earth is an intervention, sent by a creator, with a very specific design objective to reshape humanity’s future and save the biosphere.

‘Sentient’ both acknowledges that humanity is unique in all the universe and that a creator has played a part in that.

You could speculate that the lifeforms are the angels of Abrahamic mythology. 

‘Sentient’ will take the viewers to the end of Homo sapiens on this earth yet their legacy is preserved through the offspring of the lifeforms and humans, creating Hyper sapiens, a new lifeform that can live in balance with this biosphere. 

This is an all-encompassing story that links our creation mythology to us in a very different way. 

The look of the lifeforms is critical to engage and sell the viewers on the story. We’re taking the time to design something special.

Do you have questions? Why not log in and post them at the bottom of this page so the HOD can reply and all can see and comment. 


This is a development site, not the TV series. We use images as reference only for the development team. 

SEP - Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600

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5 Responses

  1. This is not Star Trek. I agree.
    But the Star Trek universe has a psionic alien entity that is full of stars. It controls the minds of a Star Ship crew.
    Back to the Sentient.
    After the first merging the creature should look more alien than in the ongoing series, after mating, creating the Human-Sentient hybrid.
    However there are stipulations that I do have to make due to Sentiology accuracy.
    A Sentient is both electrogenic and electroreceptive, meaning that the species can generate electric fields and detect electric fields. As part of an integrated electric system, electrogenesis is utilized for electrolocation, self-defense, electrocommunication and sometimes the stunning of prey.
    Whether it is the first host, the Beta, the Alpha or the Human-Sentient hybrid, they need electro-receptors on their skin.
    This could be a specific pattern on their faces or a pattern down their sideline from head to toe. These patters could be their individual fingerprint.
    We also need to think about making them cosplay-friendly 🙂


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