Got Stamp?

Shane C. Rodrigo

Turbo-charge development

Purchase a Campaign stamp and advance development of Sentient. 

Your slice of the pie

Fund development of Sentient and earn a slice of the pie. 

Double the luvin’

Purchase a One or Two star Campaign Stamp and we’ll double your points.

  • a One star $100 stamp earns you 200 points
  • a Two star $250 stamp earns you 500 points

Work those quads!

Purchase any Three star stamp and above and earn quadruple the points.

  • a Three star $500 stamp earns you 2000 points
  • a Four star $1000 stamp earns you 4000 points
  • a Five star $2,500 stamp earns you 10,000 points
  • a Six star $5000 stamp earns you 20,000 points

You name it

Spend more than $5000 and name your own character. Contact the HOD to find out more.

You have the power

Turbo-charge development. Purchase a Campaign stamp today and enable the creation of this amazing TV series. Scroll down to find out how to pay. 

Deduct it

Run a business? Contact us to request a tax receipt for advertising,

Looking good

To acknowledge your contribution, a Campaign stamp will appear on your profile. 

Don’t have a profile? We’ll set one up for you and introduce you to our global community. 

Other amount

You can contribute amounts less than $100 using the, ‘other amount’ box in the credit card section below. Every dollar contributed earns you points on our Leaderboard.

Australian dollars

All amounts quoted are in Australian dollars and include G.S.T.

Purchase safely

Purchase by direct deposit or credit card.

Credit card purchases are processed by Paypal to ensure your security. 

Purchase by direct deposit or credit card


Direct deposit

Direct deposit saves us Paypal’s handling fee.

Bank Name: ST GEORGE (Australia)


BSB: 112 879

Account No: 494006807

Please add your name or business name to the transfer details.

Purchase by credit card with Paypal

Select your choice from the drop-down menu.
Other Amount:
Presence Global Entertainment:

Thanks so much. Take a bow, you’re now an official Sentient Patron. 



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