Which Pitch?

Which Pitch?


In the Australian Season One, one of the lifeforms tagged, ‘The Beast’ is captured and interrogated. The lifeform has not spoken up until this point. At the climax of the interview, the interrogator fast-fires a series of questions, ‘Where do you come from?’ ‘What do you want?’ Finally, ‘Who sent you?’  The first words we hear the Beast speak is a one-word reply and a big reveal, ‘God.’

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  1. When I considered employing the God angle it was based on the US need to see a USP revealed right from the get-go. They want to see what makes it different in that pitch.

    Here’s another angle for a USP. What if, this lifeform represents the next evolution of humanity and we are about to become a footnote in evolutionary history.

    Would that approach as a USP work?

    For example; An alien lifeform wipes out humanity but brings with it a new seed of human evolution, reducing homosapiens to a footnote in history but humanity fights back.

  2. I like the second, more direct approach but would replace God with, “a mysterious supreme being/entity.” It tickles the imagination, and opens wide the possibilities in terms of future sequels.

  3. The name “God” could mean the Sentient is referring to its God. Whether or not we share the same God could be an Ace to play at a later time.

  4. How’s this:

    An alien lifeform of divine origin is sent to purge a corrupt humanity and begin life anew on earth. Humanity fights back against an ever evolving, ever more frightening, newer version of us, the ‘Sentient.’

  5. I think “God” may be problematic for a general audience. Whose god? A known or an unknown god? Apart from that, a vote is a good idea – see which one resonates. I can see the appeal of both to different audiences.

  6. Keith Melton says:


    I clicked on the “Vote” button but nothing happened!
    I much prefer the “Mystery” pitch, if you would like to add my vote for that one!
    Warm greetings from Brazil (back to UK next week!)


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