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It’s all about you

Are you happy? Really?

Take heart. Someone is working towards your happiness. 

We strive to enhance your Sentient user experience.

You may hate your boss, want to murder your partner and seek to set the whole world on fire but at least here, on the Sentient site, you know someone cares and how do we show that? With IT enhancements!

How deep is the love? 

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Security upgrade – Anti virus, spam and malware

Due July – August 2015

Whilst we have contained most of the problem, we need a code cleanse. We also need the funding to undertake the code cleanse. 

Configure for mobile 

Due August – September 2015

Team members want the ability to interact via mobile from the start page. We’re working on this now by configuring a mobile version of the site along with links to:

  • Comment
  • Poll
  • Review
  • Join team
  • Apply for project
  • Contribute
  • Invite Friend
  • Invite Sponsor
  • Subscribe

Log in lament

Due August – September 2015

Logging in via mobile devices is still like pulling teeth. The ‘Remember me’ function in WordPress rarely works. We’re seeking a commercial plugin to fix this. 

Registration – Terms and conditions tick box

Due late 2015


  • Add a Terms and Conditions tickbox and read or download option

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  • Unknown user issue on Leaderboard repaired
  • Zen theme, WordPress and Buddypress security upgrade
  • Addition of the new suite of awards to the Leaderboard 
  • ‘Award me’ buttons added to everyone’s profiles


  • Unknown user problem on Leaderboard identified
  • Registration simplified
  • Leaderboard system introduced
  • Leaderboard system enhanced
  • Leaderboard team member – Easy find drop box introduced for Admin
  • Message text – Grey on black text enhanced with improved colours for better viewing
  • Comments in Posts – Comment boxes now feature two shades of grey to reveal levels


  • Buddypress comments system fixed


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