Sentiology – Science of the Sentient

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What is Sentiology? 

Sentiology is the science behind the Sci-fi TV series Sentient. 


Imagine a Comic con event featuring Sentient.

A passionate fan stands-up to object.

‘Dr. Rustemeier’s ‘Sentiology’ part 1.4 states, yada yada yada! How do you reconcile that with your character’s stated position in episode four of the second season?’

The Actor stares blankly into the audience.

The lesson?

Sci-fi fans are serious about the rules of the world and mythology associated their passion so you had better know your sh#t.

Sentiology is your guide.

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Sentiology for dummies

Each publication will be accompanied by a, ‘for dummies‘ version that explores the story and visual implications of the science.

Writers, directors and production designers should pay close attention.

The foundation

Consider also reading the  Series Bible, Writers Guide and Season One Pilot to ensure you have a comprehensive overview.

About the Authors

A huge thank you to Dr. Jule Rustemeier, (Germany) and Dr. Craig Stone, (USA) for bringing the science alive. 

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Part One

Sentiology Part One

Part Two

Sentiology Part Two

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