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Sentient is a Sci-Fi TV series being developed by Sydney based, Presence Global Entertainment.

A worldwide collaboration of independents is working with Presence to develop their own versions of the work.

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When an alien storm unleashes a holocaust on humanity, the survivors fight back against an ever evolving, ever more frightening, newer version of us, the ‘Sentient.’ 

Day one

A mysterious portal opens releasing a waterfall of red spores into the upper atmosphere. 

As the stream descends to earth, a storm grows, engulfing the planet and unleashing chaos. 


  • Hungry for life
  • Humanity’s end is just the beginning

Season One – Australia

Discover Season One here. 

Global Series – Global Teams

Teams throughout the world are developing their own unique versions of Sentient. Meet our Global Teams. Read their scripts. 

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Look of the Sentient

The look

Season One

Season One - Australia

Lore of the Sentient

Lore of the Sentient

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Contact - David Steinhoff - Head of Development - Presence Global Entertainment

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