The new trailer


A beginning and an end

The teaser trailer will reveal the events of Day One and provide a prelude of the world to come.

The original vision for the work was just as a promo. This has now evolved to become the exit scene that concludes the pilot. 

It will feature the character of Sam, a teen, idiot savant, who has special sensory abilities and who lives through the events of Day One. She will take the hand of a Sentient and in a curious twist, the Sentient will see the impact, their arrival, has had on humanity.

The script and work featured on this page is based on the original work. These will be updated shortly. 

Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600


TBA – awaiting sponsorship confirmation.


Read the current trailer script.


We will be seeking to raise the budget from sponsorship. What we cannot cover, we will add as IP to our Leaderboard for team members. 


  • Research 
  • Review and complete final draft of script
  • Production breakdown
  • Budget
  • Attach team
  • Casting
  • Locations
  • Storyboard
  • FX for arrival of the storm
  • Studio hire and green screen for crowd shoot
  • Compositing
  • In-camera shot of red snow
  • Lighting considerations connecting storm to crowd, sam and the snow
  • Stunt work – Human races into foyer window and bounces off
  • Sound
  • Foley
  • Soundtrack
  • Insurance

Wanted now

Researchers to find and post visual references to our Trailer Pinterest board demonstrating;

  • What the meteors arriving and hitting the atmosphere might look like from above and below
  • Explorations of the particle effect upon impact using space, nature or other movie references


Contact the Head of Development to participate.

red line on 151515



Brendan Tolley's storyboards

Red snow

Pinterest board

Pinterest Board

Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600



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