Sentient Australia – Season one

Benjamin James

Pilot logline

A Navy Diver emerges from a recompression chamber to discover Sydney covered in an apocalyptic red storm and a terrifying lifeform abducting his team.


Inspired by the Sydney 2009 red dust storm.


Genre breakdown

Inciting incident

A mysterious red storm engulfs the planet and unleashes chaos. 

Location reference 

A guide.

The look

The look of the Sentient.


An exploration of potential casting.


Sentient’s theme is leadership. 

Discover the Theme of Sentient and the author’s inspiration to create it. 

The theme document explores, ‘The smartest guys in the room’, colonisation, radicalisation and the patriot betrayed.

Meet the characters – Discover their world

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For an introduction to and a visual exploration of the characters and their world, check out Presence Global Entertainment’s Pinterest boards. 

Look of the Sentient, Arrival of the storm, After Day One,

Lt. Commander Michael Dowd,Dr Amon Teicher,Heidi Fisk,Sam, Vice Admiral J.Deakin Frank, Able Seaman Che Amiri.

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 Season One – Australia



Sentient Series Logline and Pilot Synopsis


Sentient Australia Draft Four

Season One summary

On its way. 

SEP - Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600 Sentient


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