The 25,000 points’ review bonus


Record of your participation 

To qualify for the 25,000 Leaderboard points on Jan 1st 2020, you must have participated in each of the script reviews and tasks listed on the table below. Expect a total of 8-16 tasks over the rest of 2019. 


Team member TaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTask  
Which PITCH?
Deadline 7/3/19
AFR rev
Deadline 14/3/19
USA revUK revAU revSCI revRUS rev
Petra Caramela
Craig Cooper
Craig Delahoy
Joseph DiFrancesco YYYYY
Geoff Dupuy-Holder
Naira Gevorkyan
Nikita Ivanenko
Keith Melton YY
David NerlichYYY
Ebuka OkparauzomaYY - RepliesY
Jule Rustemeier
Harley Wood

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