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What’s in a name?

The right choice of title, gains audience and grabs attention.

It speaks to genre and tone.

It delivers what people are looking for then something new.

It asks the question, ‘What if?’

The title, ‘Journey of the seeds’ like  ‘Game of thrones’ or ‘Lord of the rings’ suggests an epic fantasy work however the title may also be interpreted in another way.

Unfortunately, if the reader doesn’t have any emotional investment in the project, they may choose the basest interpretation.

So, should we change the title? To help us with that decision, we’ve posted a poll below, where you, the community, can have your say.


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Crediting the original author

Regardless of whether we change the title for the TV series or not, we will continue to acknowledge the author of the original graphic novel, Carol Baauw.



If the team decide we should go ahead and change it, in the next post, we will explore, how to create the title and be offering our members a contest to participate. Start the process by entering your vote.

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7 Responses

  1. The title speaks imaginative volumes and is very catchy. I guess my Africa film friends will surely like it. “The Journey of the seeds.” It is very attracting yet convincing.

  2. I shall put the case for an new title.

    Personally the image it puts in my head is one of spermatozoa travelling along fallopian tubes.
    Apart from that I suspect the feeling may be that it’s too generic. You might as well call it Journey of the Heroes.

  3. I like the title as it is…. I think it is intriguing and it leaves room for the imagination to wonder….

  4. I do like the title and I like the epic feel of the title, but I think we should be open to hearing new title ideas, but also for keeping it if it turns out to be the best. Just my opinion.

  5. Hmm, majority say yes. When I hear Journey of the Seeds I think of multi-series production running over a period of years, whether TV or movie. But perhaps we need something more catchy than JOS. Not to speak negatively of the title, as I do kind of like it. But I would be interested in hearing other’s thoughts on why we should change it and to what?


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