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The Composers

The Composers


 Composers of the Journey are talented individuals from all over the world. We invited a few of them to share their process and experiences. By European correspondent, Elizabeth Leigh Meet the beat Finding, ‘The in’ It’s no easy job to get a gig. Here’s a few tips. Evan Buist’s approach is to be a jack of […]

Robert Webb – Production designer


   A boy and a book This is a story about a boy raised in a remote desert town in South Australia. The boy owned a book, a photo pictorial of 1950’s movie stars.  Whenever the boy became bored with country life he would paw through his favourite book studying, ‘the look’. Passion for design […]

Tony Vercoe

Tony Vercoe


  Australian screenwriter, Tony Vercoe has a global network of clients. One day he spotted one of David Steinhoff’s think-tank questions on Stage 32 and decided to give his take on it. His curiosity soon transitioned into an active role in the Journey’s script development. Vercoe’s passion for screenwriting stems from his early childhood years. In […]

Victor Maloney's 'The Journey'

Victor Maloney’s ‘The Journey’


 The Journey is the first in a series of paintings by Victor Maloney. A few months ago Victor suggested he create a series exploring the development episodes of ‘Journey of the seeds’ starting with ‘Exodus’. ‘The Journey’ explores the arrival of a family of refugees from the northern hemisphere seeking to escape the apocalypse however the […]

Evette Henderson - Ozemag

Evette Henderson – Ozemag


  Evette Henderson is the founder of Ozemag, a leading resource for aspiring actors. The acting industry inspires unique realms of talent and offers diversity like no other career but information can be hard to come by. Evette offers her readers a world of experience and inside scoops.   “I had a lot of questions I couldn’t […]


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