Victor Maloney's 'The Journey'

Victor Maloney’s ‘The Journey’

Victor Maloney - Artist - Journey of the seeds T

The Journey is the first in a series of paintings by Victor Maloney.

A few months ago Victor suggested he create a series exploring the development episodes of ‘Journey of the seeds’ starting with ‘Exodus’.

‘The Journey’ explores the arrival of a family of refugees from the northern hemisphere seeking to escape the apocalypse however the work also hints that the family may not be what it seems. 

A horizontal squiggly thung

About Victor

Victor, who now lives in Tasmania was mentored by famous Australian artist, Pro Hart. His style is described as, ‘Modern primitive’. This describes both his painting style and his table manners. 



Victor has generously offered to auction the work in 2014 and share the proceeds to support the Journey project. In the meantime, we’ll be asking the original author, Carol Baauw to hang the work in her Sydney based, Eden’s cafe. 

A horizontal squiggly thung


Adventure is calling 

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