The Africa Series

The Africa Series

Ebuka T

Team Africa’s Ebuka Okparauzoma is a Nigerian based writer and the first in Africa to be published for the Sentient project. 

His work is disciplined and addresses contemporary and cultural themes within Nigeria. 

Post the decision to change the story from the Journey of the seeds model to ‘Sentient’, (employing the Walking Dead model), Ebuka drafted new versions of his three scenes.

The new versions introduce us to three new main characters, a vigilante, a schoolgirl and a rancher. survivors after the events of Day One of the arrival of the Sentient. 

Even better, Euro pop princess, Petra Caramela wrote a song to accompany the new work. 

Ebuka’s work is concise, visual and achieves the brief. 

Petra and Ebuka’s collaboration demonstrates how team members from all over the world can collaborate to explore the work.

Even better, registered team members can now elect to AWARD HERO POINTS. Like the work? Want to reward the effort. Share the love, award Ebuka and Petra, points for their leaderboard total by clicking on the AWARD HERO POINTS buttons.

We’re are delighted to have Ebuka and Petra on the Journey.

In the woods

A vigilante wakes-up in a cellar to discover the world has changed forever.  


A Nigerian schoolgirl wakes-up in a cave after being kidnapped by extremist group Boko Haram.

They are everywhere

A rancher leaves the safe haven of his local church to search for his family.

red line on 151515

Petra Caramela

Sentient by Petra

Listen to Euro pop princess, Petra Caramela’s, ‘Sentient’, created especially for Team Africa and Ebuka. 

Award Hero points

red line on 151515

Selina Kucks

Special thanks 

Thanks so much to Team Africa’s new script doctor, Selina Kucks.

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11 Responses

  1. nice.. i’m still browsing around this site without success to find the writer’s group..

  2. Hi Ebuka, working on the score , should match the atmospere 🙂

  3. That’s what you need to hear Ebuka!

  4. Yeah nice work Ebuka. I totally agree with David Nerlich that it’s simple, engaging and leaves you wanting to know what will happen next.

  5. That’s cool to know Nerlich. We’ve to do what best we’ve to offer to bring about a greater series in which the Africa continent is not excluded. The journey must cut across this part of the world.

  6. Nice work from Ebuka. If the goal of an opening episode is to show things going wrong without too much revealed as to how or why.. these do the job well. The characters and action are simple and easy to understand, tension is felt, and I’m sufficiently engaged to wonder what will become of the characters.


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