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Ebuka Okparauzoma – Screenwriter/Director/Creative Producer.

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Ebuka Bartholomew Okparauzoma is a Theatre artist cum Film practitioner. He has a Masters Degree in Media Studies at University of Calabar, Nigeria, with a B.A in Theater and Film Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is a creative, innovative and artistic individual with a business-oriented mindset, focus and goal driven. He is also a freelancer with a zeal for content development and journalism. He works with an Australian-based TV company “Presence Global Entertainment” in developing the African franchise of the series SENTIENT and other projects. The following reasons propelled him into becoming a film entrepreneur.
1) The passion and drive for Global film-making.
2) Film is more than just entertainment; it is a very lucrative business.
3) Film offers a wide range of job opportunities, capable of generating millions of revenue through box office alone and other channels. This makes it uniquely entrepreneurial.
4) Africa has the fastest growing economy in the world. It is one of the most creative, engaging and exotic locations imaginable and as it grows, there is a demand for local content to supply Africa’s hunger to explore their own place in the world


Username: BartholomewOkparauzoma

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