Series Bible (Part Three) – The ‘Why’

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Why does Toowyn journey to our world?

Part Three explores the, ‘Why’ of Toowyn’s journey as well as the reason for the existence of the parallel universe.

What is a Series Bible?

Catching up? The Series Bible posts explain the foundation of the story.

Understand the foundation and you understand what we’re trying to achieve. With that knowledge you can write for, act in, shoot and design for the work.

Title fight

Presence will be running the, ‘Title Fight’ contest to determine a new title for the TV series of the Journey right after Part Four of the Series Bible is posted. 

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The reason, ‘Why’

Toowyn is here for a reason. Three story options have been created for your consideration. Have your say. Select your favourite in the poll below. Registered Team Members can also add comments on any of the options in the post section at the bottom of this page. 

Option One – ‘Baptism of fire’

Toowyn has taken a journey to our world to learn a lesson. It is a literal baptism as well as a metaphorical baptism of fire. The entire event has taken place in just a moment in the parallel universe but real time in ours.

Welcome to my world

This is not a cheery vision of light and Christian joy but two battle fatigued warriors sharing a moment lamenting how hard it is to take this kind of journey.

The dialogue, ‘Welcome to my world’ is a common usage saying as well as being literal. It is phrased in common usage English because these two veterans now share a bond only they can understand.

Toowyn has taken this journey to prepare him for his quest. After this, we will not see the Son again for quite some time. The purpose of the Journey was to prepare him but also to fight an important battle on our side.

He is a road builder in our world and in his own. He is a warrior and liberator of the oppressed but it is a thankless task as both he and the Son discover.

This plays on Christian mythology but doesn’t get soppy with it.

Whilst Toowyn is in our world he occupies a fallen soldier’s body but then forgets who he is and his task.

Soon after he is then visited by angels, (The entities), who we presume are Government agents prosecuting an anti-terrorist agenda. We only find out much later who they really are. They are blunt instruments, opponent-allies who appear to be enemies but are actually trying to help Toowyn.

They seek to remind him who he is and of his task. They challenge him to wake up.

The King himself visits Toowyn in the guise of construction tycoon, ‘Telamon King’, to engage him to build a vast new road project to a new city, (Toowyn now works as a Co-owner of a road-building company). This is to remind Toowyn that he is a road-builder in this world and the next.

Even his daughter from the parallel universe, who has become enslaved, comes to him in a vision to warn him to wake up.

Toowyn will eventually fight and die for the freedom of a people he hates at first but eventually learns to love.

In doing so, he will learn that the quest he undertakes will entail great sacrifice.

All of this takes place in just one moment of the parallel universe and Toowyn only fully remembers why he has undertaken this challenge when he rises from the waters of the lake in the other world.

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Option Two – ‘Spelled and seduced’

Author Carol Baauw’s original graphic novel of the Journey features a spider woman called Namara.

Namara traditionally spells then devours or enslaves her prey but in Toowyn’s case, she knows just how powerful he is and seeks him as a lover.

Toowyn, (in the parallel universe), enters her lair in an attempt to slay her and free those she has enslaved but during the melee he is temporarily disarmed by looking upon her face.

Namara spells him and with each step draws closer to seduce him.

This is a battle of the minds. If she can continue her spell of seduction, he will be trapped but if Toowyn snaps out of it, she will face close quarters battle with the most feared of the King’s warriors.

As part of her spell, she has found a body for Toowyn to inhabit and traps him in our world in a fallen soldier’s body. It is her intention to seduce him but it is a slow and calculated dance.

The fallen soldier’s body Toowyn possesses has experienced a massive brain trauma post an an IED explosion in the Iraq ISIL conflict.

Namara poses as his brain surgeon and slowly lures him into her world and seduction.

Namara is seduction embodied. Who can refuse her? Every part of Toowyn is crying out to surrender to her yet something in him is telling him not to.

So close

The message for Toowyn is the same, ‘Wake up’. The anti-terrorist arrest by the angel-entities is an action to force him to wake up.

Namara is at the heart of this story. She wants him. She nearly has him.

He meets two key people in our world, Nate/Kahlil and Che. They are both spelled and trapped in Namara’s lair but do not know it. Later they will join him in Namara’s lair and form their own lone wolf unit.

Whilst Toowyn is here he learns a lesson and makes a choice but when he wakes in Namara’s lair, he has to fight.

Many, if not most of the elements of ‘Baptism of fire’ are included in ‘Spelled and seduced’. The key difference is the exit experience and the great lure of the temptress, Namara.

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Option Three – The Sorceress

The three, Toowyn, Kahlil and Che engage a Sorceress to help them to undertaken a forbidden journey to our world.

They leave their bodies in stasis, seeking answers to what is really happening.

They have heard of our world from others but the knowledge is denied by the authorities of the parallel universe. 

If they are caught they risk damnation and the abyss.

Whilst they are in our world, they forget who they are. Fortunately for them, they are deemed such high-value assets that both sides set about trying to win them back but on their terms.

Once again, the elements of ’Baptism of fire’ and ‘Spelled and seduced’ feature in ‘The Sorceress’ but the entry and exit will be very different.

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Why does the parallel universe exist?

Why does Apple or Microsoft release new versions of software? In theory, they’re meant to work better. The parallel universe is the second version of creation. In theory it has been designed to work better. 

Babel theory

The Tower of Babel is a post flood mythology where humanity is unified with one language and the will to build a tower to the heavens. 

The mythology states God confounded them with many different languages so humanity could not understand each other and therefore could not collaborate. 

Why would a God do that? Jealousy? Vanity? In our story, the Babel theory proposes that if humanity is left to its own devices it will destroy itself with its own ingenuity, (a belief that ‘Nero’, the Satan character, also adheres to). 

Version One of creation, our world, becomes uncontrollable. The King abandons it when humanity’s hunger for knowledge and growth becomes unstoppable. 

This does not mean the King has no interest in our world but rather than he can no longer actively manage the will of humanity. 

So what is the Parallel universe?

The simple answer is Version Two. Here, the King works a form of governance where humanity is limited and cannot exceed those limits without fatal penalty.

In this world an alternative power supply is available and sustainability is a core value but keepers of the covenant stifle human thought and growth, leading to a series of other problems.

The amateur God

The realisation the King comes to is that neither way works.

Worse, in the parallel universe his angels-entities have become a highly organised and potent security force, (their own Republican Guard). 

He has lost Nero and one third of the angels through war and his choice of humanity over the angels. 

The other two thirds of the angel-entities are officious and arrogant and despise humanity just as much as Nero and his angels. 

The King concludes that there is no effective way to limit or manage humanity and that it must make its own way.

The one hope the King has is the arrival of the Creator Seed, the next evolution of humanity who will ascend to become as a God, a creator of universes and mentor to species. The Journey story focuses on the discovery of this first Creator Seed and achieving their alignment with one side or another. 

Nero, (the Satan character), is a dynamic and charismatic leader of his people but he is not a Creator. He has a valid grudge. His role as the inheritor of the kingdom has been usurped. If he can achieve the allegiance of humanity’s first Creator Seed, he can ensure his continuance and achieve his prize, the kingdom. 

Creating sentient lifeforms… for dummies

So you want to be a God? Here is the, ‘Being God for Dummies’ guide to making sense of your creation. 

Just like being a parent, the role of a God is no easy job and just like parenting, there is no comprehensive  ‘parenting or being a God’ course or manual. 

Our exploration of this mythology shows a Creator struggling to find relationship with their creation. We are made in this Creator’s image, so all of our failings are clearly present in the Creator.

Toowyn is the ‘Everyman’ character who is our voice of discontent and reconciliation. He is our hero who sacrifices all and offers the most loyal service for a greater cause. His journey has just begun. 

No angle

We’ve written this before but it important to state again. Whilst we tap Christian mythology we’re not pushing an angle. The reason for the team selecting that mythology is that it demonstrates a creator who manifests in three different forms, all in an attempt to develop relationship with humanity.

Each attempt has its failings but it demonstrates just like parenting, that achieving relationship with your creations in no easy journey. This is a story of the amateur God and the final evolution of humanity to ascend to become as its parent, a Creator of universes and mentor to species throughout. It is a new God mythology. 

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Part Four – Terror State 

In the last of the Series Bible foundation posts, we explore the world Toowyn comes to.

The extraordinary events of Day One lead to the wipe out of the northern hemisphere and its land-bridges leaving only Australia, New Zealand and a few Island nations remaining.

Day One coincides with a federal election in which the incumbent conservative party loses in a close outcome to a new party however instead of conceding the election, the Australian Prime Minister claims the events of Day One have been orchestrated by terrorists and immediately introduces martial law. When challenged by journalists, she closes the ABC. When challenged by the people, a mysterious terrorist incident destroys a national icon refocusing the nation on fear. 

The Prime Minister announces the terrorists have an urgent agenda and Australia is at extreme risk. This means extreme measures must be taken. 

Toowyn enters a terror state where democracy is lost, freedom of speech quashed and a minority group targeted. 

Series Bible Part Four introduces us to the world as well as more of the main characters and their roles. It will set a path for Toowyn and explore more of the lesson he must learn. 

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  1. Given the choices as is, I have to go for Baptism as well. A sexy spider woman smacks a little of the sci fi serials of the 50s and 60s – Queen Arachnia of the Spider People of the Planet Nungo. Perhaps a little cheesy for our modern ‘sophisticated’ audiences. Saying that, there are other ways than sex to seduce. Power, for one. If Namara took on the guise of, say, an androgynous being (till sexy, mind) promising power, be it Godlike or more down to Earth… there might be something in that.

  2. I’ll be curious to hear what writers as well as voters think about these. But i guess we’re meanwhile waiting BREATHLESSLY for Bible Part 4.

  3. Wow, i’m really impressed with these options. Really cool, hope it can be used in future episodes of the teams ^^. Actually, i like first one “Baptism of fire”, cause it provides more space for maneuver, but 2nd option tends to be more fantasy-like, and the spider-woman is cool (a little bit trivial (like Arachna in Greek mythology), may be, but cool =). If we can use her in the story in future, i’d choose “Baptism”, otherwise… Still thinking of it.


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