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Sentient - Trailer storyboard

Sentient – Trailer storyboard


 Storyboard artist, Brendan Tolley created a series of boards to explore Sentient’s opening trailer. The work is a first draft, reference point, by which the team can discuss the best way forward to execute the work. Share the love. Select the blue, ‘Award me points’ on Brendan’s profile to show your appreciation.  Slideshow   Log in to comment below Have […]

Series Bible (Part Three) - The 'Why'

Series Bible (Part Three) – The ‘Why’


   Why does Toowyn journey to our world? Part Three explores the, ‘Why’ of Toowyn’s journey as well as the reason for the existence of the parallel universe. What is a Series Bible? Catching up? The Series Bible posts explain the foundation of the story. Understand the foundation and you understand what we’re trying to achieve. […]


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