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Sentient - The why

Sentient – The why


 In this post The tribe has spoken What’s next? Why Sentient? First time for you? Graphic designer wanted for site redesign Next post – preview Your slice of the pie New poll – Crowd funding mythology – Bust this  The tribe has spoken You voted to shift to Sentient. February – March will see the publishing […]

Series Bible (Part Three) - The 'Why'

Series Bible (Part Three) – The ‘Why’


   Why does Toowyn journey to our world? Part Three explores the, ‘Why’ of Toowyn’s journey as well as the reason for the existence of the parallel universe. What is a Series Bible? Catching up? The Series Bible posts explain the foundation of the story. Understand the foundation and you understand what we’re trying to achieve. […]

The St Ives Medieval Faire - Part Three - Sept 2014

The St Ives Medieval Faire – Part Three – Sept 2014


   Come hither good people. Our visit to the St Ives Medieval faire  provided a chance to meet new Journeyers.  You at the faire Spot your photo in the slideshow below? Register to become a Journey member and we’ll grant you a special 25 point bonus on our Leaderboard and send you a digital download of the shot.  Donate […]


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