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Title fight

Title fight


 Poll results Thank you for voting. The Title fight is now on. Your mission is to create a new title, designed specifically for the cable TV series of the Journey. Brief Prepare your ideas for a new title. DO NOT submit them until the call for submissions. You will be notified by email and social media […]

Series Bible (Part Four) - Terror State

Series Bible (Part Four) – Terror State


   What would you do if you knew you couldn’t be caught? Australia is stunned by the events of Day One. Seven billion people have succumbed to an indescribable terror. Contact with the world is lost. A day before, the Australian people voted for change of government but that was then and this is now […]

Series Bible (Part Three) - The 'Why'

Series Bible (Part Three) – The ‘Why’


   Why does Toowyn journey to our world? Part Three explores the, ‘Why’ of Toowyn’s journey as well as the reason for the existence of the parallel universe. What is a Series Bible? Catching up? The Series Bible posts explain the foundation of the story. Understand the foundation and you understand what we’re trying to achieve. […]

The Journey Series Bible (Part Two) - Toowyn's journey

The Journey Series Bible (Part Two) – Toowyn’s journey


 In Part One of the Series bible we explored a new, God mythology. One among us will transcend their human state to become the ‘Creator seed’, a creator of worlds and a mentor to sentient species throughout the universe. In Part Two, we explore the main character, Toowyn and his journey.   Who is Toowyn? […]

The Journey Series Bible (Part One)

The Journey Series Bible (Part One)


   The Series Bible is a comprehensive outline covering the entirety of the series. As part of its creation for the Journey project, we will be publishing a series of posts that explore and test each of the story’s foundations. You can have your say by voting and commenting on each. A new, ‘God mythology’ The […]


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