The Journey Series Bible (Part One)

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The Series Bible is a comprehensive outline covering the entirety of the series.

As part of its creation for the Journey project, we will be publishing a series of posts that explore and test each of the story’s foundations. You can have your say by voting and commenting on each.

A new, ‘God mythology’

The Abrahamic faiths paint a picture of a God that prepares a heaven, where, as a reward for fulfilling a faith’s requirements, the chosen win the opportunity to worship God for all of eternity. The mythology seems a shallow outcome for such a grand being.

A parent’s most ardent wish

Parents hope their children will achieve everything they have and much more. It is our most ardent wish that our children exceed us. That may mean a better education, growth of character, realising their ambitions or living a healthier life. Whatever it means, parents seek to hand on their legacy and see their children exceed them.  

A defining act

The Abrahamic faiths share two key beliefs:

  1.  In the beginning God created. The first and defining act of this being was to create
  2. Humanity was created in God’s image. We resemble our parent and carry our parent’s traits

If a parent is a creator and a mentor to such a unique species as humanity, logically, wouldn’t that parent want for their children to be everything they are and to exceed them? Wouldn’t they want for them to learn from their mistakes and to become a better creator and mentor?

‘Journey of the seeds’ proposes that the ultimate game plan for humanity is to transcend and become creators. 

The very last scene of the entire series features our everyman character, Toowyn, in conversation with the King.


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You are more

Journey’s tag line is, ‘Humanity’s end is just the beginning.’ Our final evolution will start with just one us, a ‘Creator Seed’, the genesis of change who appears among us, unaware of their capabilities.

This seed of humanity is so rare and so important, that both warring sides, the King-God and the disinherited Angel will both seek out the first of humanity’s Creator Seeds to win them to their cause.

Journey is a new mythology, a new fulfilment and realisation for humanity, yet it takes place in a war, where two warring sides battle for the Creator seed and supremacy over the kingdom. 

Whoever wins, transcendence is the ultimate journey for the seeds of humanity.

In the next post we will explore, the character of Toowyn and his role as humanity’s ‘Everyman’ character.


This is a new mythology. We’re not trying to re-write anyone’s religion. We are, like all good writers seeking to explore the human condition and that which might empower us to become more. We are also endorsing the great value of the creative. The portrayal of a God-king as a creative and a flawed parent, rather than a patriarchal stereotype, seeking to appease their vanity through worship, is a model to empower humanity, to provide a new mythology and to revalue the role of the creative.


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  1. The concept is one that’s uniquely inspiring. The idea of a new mythology if well created and composed will capture attentions of movie audience world wide. And the various contributions from everyone in house gives it an outstanding platform for improvement and growth.

  2. Really cool. In fact, gentlemen, we’re creating the new mythology for our project. I think, Lucas had approximately the same feeling creating SW 40 years ago. Nowdays, of course, the competition is much higher, but still… we can make this universe remarkable for the next decades.

  3. This is good. We’ll have one place for the core ideas to work with or around. Anything more specific, we’ll find here.


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