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  Your vote on the Change-up poll revealed a desire for a simpler story. We’ve heard you and acted. Presence has created a new working title. We’ve focused on the sci-fi story and employed a Walking dead model. We will create a new site dedicated to the new franchise and will bring across the development community. The leaderboard and entitled […]

Series Bible (Part Six) - Two streams

Series Bible (Part Six) – Two streams


 The series bible reveals the arc of the entire story. Parts one through five introduced the major players and big picture.  Part six explores the pitch and the two streams of story that flow from the inciting incident.  In this post Development so far Keeping it simple Two streams of story The sponsorship model Development so far Skip […]

The Van Wilt report

The Van Wilt report


 What’s working, what’s not EXT. FOX STUDIOS, SYDNEY – DAY Creative Director, Luissa Lawrence and Presence Films’ CEO, David Steinhoff, meet to consider the next step in the digital revolution. The duo come up with an idea to create an online development community where fans, film-makers and investors can collaborate, create, connect and invest. The very […]

David Nerlich's - Journey graphic stings

David Nerlich’s – Journey graphic stings


   Writer, director and VFX specialist, David Nerlich created a motion graphics sequence for the Journey title. With no budget and pressed for time, David very kindly set about using what was at hand and what could be reused to create a starting point. The stings explore: 1. What could be done with the main title […]


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