David Nerlich's - Journey graphic stings

David Nerlich’s – Journey graphic stings



David Nerlich - Journey of the seeds - Presence Films W

Writer, director and VFX specialist, David Nerlich created a motion graphics sequence for the Journey title.

With no budget and pressed for time, David very kindly set about using what was at hand and what could be reused to create a starting point.

The stings explore:

1. What could be done with the main title

2. The meteor storm and its deadly guests

The life-form delivered to the earth by the meteor storm, infects humanity. The infection initially creates a feeling of euphoria which later transforms into something… not so euphoric.

The work undertaken demonstrates what can be done over two days without budget. To really see progress we need to raise sponsorship and investment so we can commission work from David and the other excellent team members at the Journey.

Seen the Nerlich reel?

A horizontal squiggly thung


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