Kayla's song

Kayla’s song



UK based composer, Dale Sumner and Czech POP princess, Petra Caramela are both well known to the Sentient development community. 

Petra created an alluring love song and performed it, ‘as if’ she were, ‘Kayla’, Lt. Commander Michael Dowd’s estranged wife, now possessed by an alien lifeform. 

Dale created the haunting soundtrack for Petra’s work. 

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I can feel you look at me

It’s me in you and you in me

Our souls intertwine

The sea washed the red glow

From my eyes and skin long time ago

It spared my memories

They are what we are made of

Our spirit forever young and fresh

In present that is being reborn

Old world we knew is dead

But our love shall live on with our memories transformed, electrified

And the flower of our love that blossoms in me

Makes us rich with of all possibilities

Our love is real as the moments of happiness

Prevail in our hearts

Everything we thought was never is now

And conscience feels like an ocean that reveals how

You can’t live in past, you can’t escape

So give in to reborn me

I am your new life

I know that for sure as I feel safe in your arms

Like being embraced by the deep blue sea


I want to play with you

I want to smell your hair

I want to listen to your breath again

Like I listen to the waves

I can’t wait to be next to you

I want to see in your eyes the silver starlight and power of the sun

I can feel you call me

Did you know? 

The alien life form that inhabits Kayla retains all the synaptic connections and memories of Kayla but the memories mean nothing to them until the lifeform encounters a sensory stimulus such a visual, audio, smell or touch event that triggers recollection of not just the memory but also the feelings associated with that memory. When Kayla, (inhabited by the alien lifeform), encounters her estranged husband, Australian Navy Lt. Commander Michael Dowd for the first time, it is his unique scent that triggers feelings of love she cannot comprehend or know how to deal with. 

Feelings can be a good thing but feelings can be very dangerous. 

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