Soundtrack - Aaron Latina

Soundtrack – Aaron Latina

Aaron Latina


We tasked U.S. based composer, Aaron Latina, to explore soundtrack concepts for the new Sci-fi TV series, Sentient.

SEP - Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600

Sentient - Composer Award


When the Sentient enter a room they scan it.

The scan causes metallic objects to resonate.

The resonance sounds just like the hum of a Tibetan Singing Bowl. 

Their presence is a little creepy and yet, a little spiritual. We asked Aaron if he could explore soundtrack ideas for that. We also asked him to explore a percussive journey, employing taiko or tympani to create mystery yet build towards crescendo. Listen to Aaron Latina’s work below. Got an opinion? Log on and leave a comment.

red line on 151515




Sentient Ambient

Tibetan Singing bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls

SEP - Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600 Sponsor Sentient

6 Responses

  1. I imagine a battle between human (drums) and sentient (bowls) on the first sample. Drums sounding more aggressive and primal against an unpredictable and more sophisticated enemy. Then there’s the power struggle between drums and bowls as each side gains more power. I can also hear gunfire. In the end it’s just the bowls howling in victory.

  2. I definitely like the first two samples (drums and ambient). They each create an excellent atmosphere, both threatening and magical.

  3. i love all 3 samples! thrilling.. great deep drums!
    definitely creating atmosphere of suspence, weirdness and spirituality..
    hope to add to the resonance sounds my ‘creepy’ one soon 😀

  4. Aaron has composed some wonderful ideas.

    He has encompassed that feeling of space but also an underlying current of menace mixed with spiritualism. Great job !

    Best Wishes



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