Journey’s 2015 honors list

Campaign Veteran Stamps T

This week the Journey will be issuing Campaign Veteran Stamps, and Leaderboard points to reward those who have given so much to the development of the project in 2104. We’ll publish new winners each day until Christmas. 

Honor roll update

In 2015, we’re shifting the Honor roll over to our Campaign Veterans’ Pinterest board. This will allow for easier updating, easy scroll through and a lighter site in keeping with the Van Wilt Report’s recommendations. 

Leaderboard updates

Here’s some important housekeeping regarding our Leaderboard. 

Terms and conditions

We’re yet to create a T and C for the site or the Leaderboard. We apologise for the delay and will attend to it in 2015.


In 2014 we closed our slate development companies and decided to house our Shareholders stake in the work on our Leaderboard.

Over the next few months, we’ll be transferring that stake to the Leaderboard. Whilst this will see large figures start to appear on the Leaderboard, our estimate of 500,000 to 2,000,000 points in total, to realise development remains the same.


We will also be transferring some if not all of our option obligations (owed to the original author of the graphic novel, Carol Baauw), over to the Leaderboard in 2015.

Questions or comments? 

Log in and add your comment below or contact the Head of Development, David Steinhoff direct.

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Christian-Stamm- Join - Journey of the seeds - Presence Films

Natalia-Blajievskaya - Donate - Journey of the seeds - Presence Films

Diane-Thakur- Contact - Journey of the seeds

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  1. I’m delighted and overwhelmed by this promotion. Indeed I’m thankful. I’ll continue to render the best of my ideas until the actualization of our project.

    The idea for dynamism is most welcomed!

    Cheers to David Steinhoff (CEO), the officials and members of JOTS community.


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