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Journey’s 2015 honors list

Journey’s 2015 honors list


 This week the Journey will be issuing Campaign Veteran Stamps, and Leaderboard points to reward those who have given so much to the development of the project in 2104. We’ll publish new winners each day until Christmas.  Honor roll update In 2015, we’re shifting the Honor roll over to our Campaign Veterans’ Pinterest board. This will allow […]

Series Bible (Part Five) - The story so far

Series Bible (Part Five) – The story so far


 Kudos Thanks so much to the team members who shaped the work so far. Part five is a summary based on your input.   Intro The Series Bible explains the foundations of the story. Whilst the posts reveal the big picture to the team, the audience will only ever see a riddle wrapped in an enigma. […]

Day One plots - finally revealed

Day One plots – finally revealed


   What is, ‘Day One’?  ‘Day one’ is Journey of the seeds’ inciting incident. ‘A meteor storm delivers a deadly guest to the planet’.    The chosen Four projects have been selected to shoot. Vera or Samantha Location : London  Team: Sydney – London Synopsis: When the returned souls from the abyss begin to possess the […]


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