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Team Rio’s Keith Melton is a former business academic, turned writer based in Brazil. 

Keith created a unique character for the Day One series, former SAS commando, Phillip Monroe.


Phillip Monroe is on a flight to New Zealand with his Brazilian Rugby team when mayhem breaks out.

The possessed of ‘Day one’ are among the passengers.

Keith’s ‘Flight to New Zealand’ features the return of two historical characters from the Tudor period.

Their arrival in New Zealand sets the stage for a new Tudor dynasty.



Before the flight, there is the prophecy. 


Phillip Monroe

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  1. This describes the possessed as lustful as well as hungry. I think that’s a good angle that we don’t normally associate with plague zombies. In the current synopsis the alien spirits want to ‘LIVE’. If writers start looking into the full spectrum of what that could mean then I think we open up something interesting and new. There could even be a conflcited romance angle as the series grew between terrestrial/non-terrestrial. In Keith’s script I think the plane setting is good for danger and tension. I find the character interactions often unnatural though.

  2. Keith Melton says:

    I had to smile when I read David`s brief intro to my script “Flight”. I must look fiercer in my profile picture than I realised.

    The truth is I am a former Business Academic rather than a former military professional; so, much less soldierly. There is another Keith Melton based in the USA who writes spy novels and I think he may have been in the military. But not me – so just setting the record straight. I am now retired anyway and in 2013 published an historical novel about the Tudor period called Captain Cobbler: the Lincolnshire Uprising 1536….which is why I know about the Tudors – and which is why I thought a returned Henry Vlll would be a great addition to the global Journey of the Seeds, accompanied – as he is on “Flight” – by Anne Boleyn.

    My idea is that both of them would have spent the last 500 years in Purgatory – or the Abyss for Journey fans – and they would be very strong “souls” if they came back, clearly taking charge; or trying to. This is why I commented the other day that I much refer the original script idea rather than the invasion from outer space idea. Just have a read of my script and see if it works for you – if so, perhaps you will prefer the original script idea too of returning souls – much more of a USP for Journey of the Seeds fans, I think!

    David may have got the idea of me being in the military because the hero of my script is an English SAS Captain – and a very strong individual – so he may be able to stand up to Henry Vlll`s attempt to control him – watch this space! Also, because I now live most of the time in Brazil and married my beautiful Brazilian wife in 2011, the script also has to have a beautiful Brazilian model in to compete for the hero`s attentions against Anne Boleyn.

    If you like this script and the much shorter “Prophecy” script for Rio`s trailer, do please say so – it may enable us to persuade funders here in Brazil to support the original project!!

    Keep in touch


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