Supanova Sydney 2014

Supanova Sydney 2014

Shane C. Rodrigo - Journey of the seeds - Presence Films


Author, Carol Baauw phones Steiny and says, “Can you cover Supanova Sydney for Friday?”

Could we what! Absolutely. 

Steiny, Waheed and I took it on. 

No camera? No problem, Iphone in hand, we captured stills and video of the fans. 

Special thanks to editor Nathan ‘Mac Daddy’ Macdonald who had to work with some pretty shaky footage. “Never let Steiny anywhere near a camera. He shakes. He either needs to give up drinking or take it up.”

Behold, stills and the first of a few videos for your pleasure. More to come.



Special thanks to our team

Nathan Macdonald

David Nerlich

Waheed Nadaffi

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