The Top 25?

The Top 25?

David Steinhoff - Head of Development - Presence Global Entertainment

The top 50

The Leaderboard tracks our community’s financial and professional contributions to development.

Each contribution is rewarded with points. Points entitle you to a slice of the pie from the sale of the work. 

The foundation for a payout to team members for the sale or production of Sentient is based on who is in the top 50 on our Leaderboard. We are considering a change to this.

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The top 25 

We seek the community’s comments as to their position on shifting this value to only the top 25. 


Please log in and use the comments section at the bottom of this post to state your view on this change.

The stats

The top earners on the Leaderboard are;

  • Writers
  • Producers
  • Financial contributors 
  • Composers
  • Actors 

Change is coming to ‘points awarded for financial contribution’

There is still a great deal of work to be done to complete the global scripts, series bible and teaser trailer. Whilst supporters can sponsor Sentient, we really haven’t been pursuing this recently as the CEO’s contributions to admin have covered costs incurred however we will need funding in the future to create a teaser trailer, for attachments and travel.

To encourage this we’ll be offering a ten to one deal, dollars for points. This will shift some of the weightings within the Leaderboard but is necessary to ensure we have the capital to take the work to market.

Please comment below to ensure your voice is heard

Comment on; 

  • The shift from 50 to 25
  • The shift to advantage financial supporters with a 10 to 1 offer of points 

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Sponsor Sentient

3 Responses

  1. Keith Melton says:

    Forgive the typo: “form” should be “from” (my right hand types marginally quicker than my left!)

  2. Keith Melton says:

    I understand the shift form top 50 to top 25 (not sure I agree with it but I understand it) what is less clear is what is meant by the 10 to 1 shift for financial input – what is the current points value of $1 and are you suggesting that is multiplied tenfold? Clarity owuld help to know whether and how much to invest! cheers

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