Sentient – The Philadelphia Series

Joseph DiFrancesco

Walk the line

Philadelphia power company lineman JJ, is at work atop a power pole when an ominous red storm engulfs Philadelphia. It’s a long way down and just the beginning of his journey.

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About the Author

Joseph DiFrancesco is an award winning Writer/Producer/ Director and the creator of the Sentient Philadelphia USA story.  

Jo has been working closely with Head of Development, David Steinhoff to create a version of the Sentient story based on the Series Formula.

This work is Draft Two. Jo has just been commissioned for Draft Three, due by early 2017.

Jo is an exceptionally talented writer. Presence Global Entertainment is very fortunate to have such a talent working on the Sentient series.

The Global Series

Sentient is a Sci-fi TV series.

It’s being developed by a Global Team.

The same story, featuring an alien invasion and human extinction event, is being recreated all over the world.

Each culture is creating their own unique version.

The story features the same formula recreated in locations all over the world but seen and told through the eyes of the people of that culture. 

Read the original Sentient Sydney Australia.

Discover the Global Teams facing the Alien onslaught. 

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Sentient - The Philadelphia Series

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Season One – Philadelphia


Sentient Philadelphia - Pilot - Draft 3

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

red line on 151515

Development notes 

First Draft – Notes

Sentient - USA - Pilot - First Draft - Notes

Second Draft – Notes

Sentient - USA - Pilot - Second Draft - Notes

Third Draft – Notes

Sentient - USA - Pilot - Third Draft - Notes

Third Draft – Notes 2

Sentient - USA - Pilot - Third Draft - Notes 2

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