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The Van Wilt report

The Van Wilt report


 What’s working, what’s not EXT. FOX STUDIOS, SYDNEY – DAY Creative Director, Luissa Lawrence and Presence Films’ CEO, David Steinhoff, meet to consider the next step in the digital revolution. The duo come up with an idea to create an online development community where fans, film-makers and investors can collaborate, create, connect and invest. The very […]

Evette Henderson - Ozemag

Evette Henderson – Ozemag


  Evette Henderson is the founder of Ozemag, a leading resource for aspiring actors. The acting industry inspires unique realms of talent and offers diversity like no other career but information can be hard to come by. Evette offers her readers a world of experience and inside scoops.   “I had a lot of questions I couldn’t […]

Social media - What's working and what's not

Social media – What’s working and what’s not


  Nobody knows anything – William Goldman from, ‘Adventures in the screentrade’. The formula for a box office hit is arguably, a mystery. The same can be said for social media. Here’s an insight into what’s working and what’s not for the Journey project. The insights we have gleaned may provide guidance for you with your […]


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