What do they want?

What do they want?


And why are they here?

The survivors of Day One will spend most of Season One NOT knowing what has happened.

They will presume:

  • Humanity has been subject to genocide
  • The enemy now wears us like a suit
  • We have been colonised
  • Our new masters intend to complete the job of wiping us out OR worse have spared the survivors for another, more horrific fate 

Presumptions, made by the smartest people in the room, will drive a course of actions that will lead to the radicalization of the Sentient and a terrifying outcome for the survivors of humanity.

If only they had taken the time, to truly see what was happening, the outcome would have been very different. 

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If they only knew

The Sentient are random in the universe. They travel like pollen yet their arrival is divine AND they have been here before.

If the Sentient were to express it in words

  • We are an intervention
  • We are another chance
  • We can be the next step in your evolution OR we can manifest into a hellish punishment you bring upon yourself
  • We absorbed you so we might walk as flesh among you
  • We live and will soon die but the change we bring will become you and you will become it
  • You are nothing special and yet very special
  • You are just a life form yet unique in all the universe
  • We are more than you but we cannot be complete without you
  • We step forward together or we slide together into an abyss
  • We are a mirror to everything you can become or every horror you can manifest
  • We will come and we will go. Whether you grow through this or not depends on you and the choices you make
  • This is the heaven, this is the hell, this is the here and now
  • We are your last chance

Theme – A reminder

The origin theme of Sentient is colonisation. The survivors perceive that is what has happened and react to that.

Their reaction evolves the theme into radicalization. If they had done nothing to the Sentient, nothing bad would have happened. The outcome is of their own making however humanity is not without hope. 

Some among us, Human and Sentient will rise above our base state. The journey of the Sentient is to discover what it is to be truly human. The journey of Humanity is to become truly Sentient. 

Concept Art 

Quant by Vyacheslav Novikov.

SEP - Girl - red t - white and red line T 151515 600 Sponsor Sentient

8 Responses

  1. […] learn more about the life-form’s intentions check out the, ‘What do they want’ […]

  2. Love the concept, can’t wait!

  3. Should they be the shadows and exist upon our conscience, one would find it difficult to determine whether or not our thoughts are a figment of our imagination – are we crazy; bi-polar perhaps – to the point of nervous psychosis – schizophrenic? Does the devil live within; is one possessed?
    A degree of lunacy is not far from my thoughts…

  4. yehh, they are like us, as they are US but more sentient and we become them – better and worse..

  5. This is awesome Dave.
    I sometimes try to envisioned the sentient from another perspective as emigrant, other times as our shadows, conscience, yet we do not want to embrace or listen to them. We rather take them to be nuisances and should be rid off but this comes with its own consequences. The right or wrong decision made we determine how they’ll play upon us. Thus creating the conflicts into motion.


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