Daniel Garcia- Actor Writer- Journey of the seedsNikita Ivanenko-Writer- Journey of the seedsAmanda Asquith - Writer- Journey of the seeds

By Nikita Ivanenko and Daniel Garcia

*Revisions by Amanda Asquith

*Episode one is the first in a series set in Russia by the authors

Location: Moscow nightclub

Synopsis: YURI finally gets his chance to score with the hottest girl on the dance floor, ‘DASHA’. Unfortunately for YURI, the object of his desire is entertaining a dangerous guest.

Tag: One hell of a party

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Adventure is calling

Kerry McKie - Actress - Journey of the seeds

4 Responses

  1. I liked this more than I thought I would. Nothing complicated to show or get across and the idea of a dance floor going nuts could work nicely in terms of visuals and tension.

    I dont know what I’m supposed to know or not know in terms of the dialogue from the Guest and at the end from Dasha. In each case the lines feel perhaps overly portentious and theatrical, very arch. I don’t know if theyre supposed to be. Also am I supposed to know what will happen to Yuri next?

    Budget issues
    -the disco location, and you intend to spread a lot of fake blood around their floor (unless you can do that in another location that cuts)
    – probably quite a few extras required

  2. Yeah I asked Team Moscow about that. Nik and Dan said everyone gets slaughtered BUT why is he left alive? Is the bite the saver? You’ll have to wait to read the next episode from Team Moscow.

  3. Loved it … perhaps I am running a little ahead with this question (unlikely to be dealt with in that scene), but am I right in thinking everyone was slaughtered at the dance, but he was converted by the bite? … will anyone be immune?


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