Oh Valerio

Oh Valerio



Rafael Tavares- s5- members

By Rafael Tavares and Chantal Aytes 

Location: New York 

Synopsis: Filled with confusion and guilt Gabriella is stuck trying to figure out why the world is coming to an end and if there’s a way she can ever help to stop it.



Chantal Aytes r -s5- membersSummary:  Gabriella is about to graduate from high school her family has taken her on a picnic to celebrate. It is then that the meteors fill the sky and everything changes.

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3 Responses

  1. Corinne Sennitt says:

    Love the script and found myself completely absorbed from start to finish. The opening scene establishing the current situation and the flashback works well leading gradually up to the heightened suspense and tension. I like the fact were seeing it through the eyes of the protagonist and the minimal dialogue and visuals will work well if the actress is good. Interesting character profile as we recognize the similar character traits to her father which is quite common in females. Her vulnerability and strength shines. Not sure if the last line is needed as I think a visual on her face should say it all,again if the actress is goodl. Good work! It kept me reading and if shot well will keep me watching.


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