Supanova 2013 - 2

Supanova 2013 – 2

Melissa Haynes - Actress - Journey development team H



Welcome to Sydney’s winter wonderland, Supanova, ‘Part two!’


“When the guy in the banana suit started to peel, I knew we were in for trouble”

Do you feature in these stills? Join up and claim your moment in the sun in the comments section below.

“Unhand that young woman!”

Lift you up where you belong P

Presenter, Shane C. Rodrigo delivering on time and under budget.

Presenters, Shane C. Rodrigo, and Melissa Hanes


Ryan Rikic T

Three crack film-makers snuck-in to shoot the fabulous fans of Supanova.

Below, a Ryan Rikic dedication. How deep is the love?


Missed, ‘Part one’ of our Supanova report?

Supanova part one C

Click on the beard, (left) to go there now.

New to the Journey?

Shane C. Rodrigo C


Click on Shane C, (left) to begin.


We’ll be posting more Supanova videos and images shortly. In the meantime, here’s another video we baked a little early from our ‘Lovesac live’ event.

Shot at ‘Lovesac’, Sydney, Australia


Special thanks to our team

Daniel Parsons - Journey development team

Nathan 'Mac Daddy' Macdonald - Editor - Journey development team

…and beardmeisters

Tony Vercoe - Writer - Journey development team

Ryan Rikic

David Steinhoff - Head of development - Journey development team

Got stamp?

Got stamp?

Heroes welcome, heroines too

Rod Byrnes

Rose Kusdogan

Mark Chambers

Adventure is calling…what will you do?

Sascha Raeburn - Journey team member

Bret Culpepper - Journey development team

Hannah Dawson - Journey development team

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