Supanova 2013

Supanova 2013



Melissa Haynes - Actress - Journey development team H



Welcome to Sydney’s winter wonderland, Supanova!

This is the first in our new Supa-series of photo and video posts.


“You need a license to have this much fun”

“Please remain clothed at all times”

Shane C Rodrigo - Carol Baauw and Melissa Hanes


Carol’s crew rocked the house!

“We own this place, well at least the stall, this is sovereign ‘Journey’ territory.”

Shane C. Rodrigo, Carol Baauw and Melissa Hanes

Shane C. Rodrigo N


New to the Journey?


Click my image to begin.


We’ll be posting more Supanova images shortly, meanwhile our chefs, Ryan Rikic, Daniel Parsons and Nathan ‘MacDaddy’ Macdonald are cooking up not one, not two but three new ‘Begin the Journey’ trailers featuring the fabulous talent from the event. If we shot you, expect to be in the mixmaster right now. In the meantime, here’s one we baked a little early from our ‘Lovesac live’ event.

Shot at ‘Lovesac’, Sydney, Australia


Special thanks to our team

Nathan 'Mac Daddy' Macdonald - Editor - Journey development team

Daniel Parsons - Journey development team

Ryan Rikic - Journey development team

and extra special thanks to…

Tony Vercoe - Moderator - Writers' Group - Journey development team

For displaying true, ‘Vercosity’

Got stamp?

Got stamp?

Heroes welcome, heroines too

Eliza Kelley- Team Washington- Journey development team


Glenda Phipps - Journey development team

Adventure is calling…what will you do?

Jon Manez - Journey team member

Krystle McGill - Presenter - Journey development team

Matt Oxley - Journey development team

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