“They’re not here for our bodies…”

Ravager presence
Veroncia Cartwright’s performance in the movie, ‘Alien’ created palpable terror.
Alien's Veronica Cartwright
Imagine a panic-stricken, ‘Day One’ character turning to you in the street to say…


“They eat your soul!”

What caused the wipe-out of the northern hemisphere?
a bitch is crazy right?
Not so Holmes,  Get ready to eat your words or have, ‘something’ eat them for you.
Our Think tank’s exploration of, ‘What caused the wipe-out of the northern hemisphere’ determined that a meteor shower delivers a parasite to the earth, wiping-out most of humanity. You can read the full findings of the Think-tank by clicking on the image, (above).
hat do they want?
We don’t have to reveal that straight away but we can seed it with a, ‘crazy’ delivering a breadcrumb.
So what’s going on?
All organisms have two key objectives, survival and growth. If the parasites wipe-out their prey in just one night, that would tend to bring their own future to a close so their objective cannot be just the flesh. What they seek is a ticket to the other world and the only way they can get there is by riding on the souls of the dead. They are soul-parasites but this is just one form of their metamorphosis.
How they affect humanity is terrifying. What they become in the next world is far more.
Day One - Brief
et the full DAY ONE writers’ brief by clicking on the image, (left), and by the way, we have extended the deadline for script submissions until May 31st due to demand.
Got stamp

Adventure is calling… what will you do?

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  2. […] ‘Day one’ brief Tony Vercoes notes They eat your soul Tips for […]

  3. […] ‘Day one’ brief Tony Vercoes notes They eat your soul Tips for […]

  4. Hi Trevor,

    SO, inhibitions would not be the best choice. If the organism needs to kill its host , I’m sure it could poison it in some way. So, you’re right, becoming uninhibited didn’t kill off Woodstock, so it wouldn’t kill humanity.

    As mentioned before they could poison the host. It must be important to the parasite that the host be tormented and enraged. It is the way that the soul is liberated that is important to the host. It’s like the dif between hooked fish and netted fish. The meat if stressed with net fishing and is not as tasty.

    Perhaps the extremeness of the emotions is the source of food or power of the parasite, they feed off the hated the soul possesses.

    A demonstration of human spirit that demonstrates that some are stronger than the parasite or that it does not manifest in malevolent behavior is an excellent idea. Exploring the internal battle of someone trying to defeat it or the struggle for control is also an angle not previously explored.

    For the most of humanity the outcome will be negative. The will choose to predate. If they organize, they will hunt in pack and they will outnumber any of those capable of resisting the parasite. The survivors will be an elite few that are stronger and have the opportunity to avoid being killed. They will need to organize and to get the hell out of dodge. This leaves open the possibility of a ship or plane or whatever escaping and arriving much later and opening up another angle to the story.

    There are others like Toowyn. Their arrival in Australia as survivors may be a key plot point or reveal but we’ll have to explore how and if we can do this.

    There will be those that don’t want to fight it and those that defeat it. Your point is that there will be those that struggle against it and the transition or the inner battle is an actors dream.

  5. I really like this idea that the parasite “potentially” eats your soul … because that does leave open the opportunity that some remnant of the original person is still in there … or that the person is able to merge with the parasitic organism quite harmoniously … however, a harmonious merger does not necessarily equate to a benevolent one.

    … it makes me wonder how we can depict that internal battle … typically speaking movies will gloss over it with some symbolic graphics, eg: we travel through the body’s microcosm like a pathogen in the blood-stream, corrupting & converting everything as we go … or, we see a bunch of images in the person’s mind, and the person seems quite anguished from the pain of the experience.

    But going back to those real world natural instances of the ant & the snail becoming host to a fungal parasite which infests the host’s nervous system in order to force actions which are not in the best interests of the host organism … with an ant or a snail, this transformation would be reasonably quick, as they are not complex organisms … but surely in a human, our immune system is vastly more complex & powerful, and will be fighting it all the way … and therefore, we should have ample opportunities to investigate multiple stages of the transitionary process, and how different personalities respond to this … including also the possibility that pre-existing medical conditions result in the host’s premature death (not surviving the process).

    Again, to go back to past suggestions on this topic … if we look at the idea that what the parasite is doing is removing inhibitions … perhaps we can look at someone researching which parts of the brain are involved in the inhibitions we hold, and how they actually interact with other aspects of our drive / desires etc. … for some people, perhaps this is not a lot of change, for this part of their mind was already dysfunctional (fun example: a nympho-maniac) … but more interestingly, what happens when someone has lot led a life very truthful to themselves? … what happens as they experience the dilemma of feeling those parts of themselves they are afraid of … they could be afraid of their inner aggression, not trusting themselves to assert it fairly … or, they could be afraid of their inner greatness … for the removal of inhibitions can neither be assumed to result in malevolence nor benevolence … and so if the script requires us to head almost universally in one of those two directions, from my perspective at least, we need to look at the parasite eating away at something more than just inhibitions, because I fail to see why this would result in universal malevolence … I can however understand a domination of this personality type, and this is a good thing with respect to the opportunity for social commentary via the script on the subject of intelligence, education, ethics & wisdom (etc.)


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