Axis of evil super-geeks seize control of the Journey's Facebook and Twitter

Axis of evil super-geeks seize control of the Journey’s Facebook and Twitter


You knew this day would come

Behold the faces of evil.






Axis of evil super-geeks

Jennifer, ‘Seel your deal’ Seeley

Facebook promotion and management

About Jennifer
Specialist in high heels, the lash and dealing with subordinates, “Yes, I’m talking to you”. 


Click on Jennifer. She dares you.


Sand, ‘You’ll feel the earth move under your feet’ Das

Facebook and site push-promotion

About Sand

Das Fun
Das Sexy
Sand Das


You don’t have what it takes to click on me.



Roderic, ‘Apply the Rod, spare the member’ Byrnes

 Twitter strategist

About Roderic
Woman love him, men fear him, cats are so, so about him.


Click on me. Trust me, I don’t bite.



About our trio of evil

All three super-villians enjoy romantic beach-walks, Barry Manilow songs and have stated a desire to achieve complete world domination using social media.  

We’ll be sharing more about the team over the coming months.

I write the songs that make the whole world sing.

* 87% of global super-villians select Barry Manilow as their choice of easy-listening artist.

Adventure is calling….what will you do?

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  1. Christine D Schmidt says:

    What?? Toowyn says they have the HOD tied up in the basement. Nah! Rumour has it the HOD is busy packing bags to go on Xmas vacation. Well, I think that after all his hard and great work in 2012, he really deserves a break.

  2. Sand Das says:

    Congrats to entire  ¯°·._.• נσυяиєу σf тнє ѕєє∂ѕ •._.·°¯   team! Special thanks to Mr. HOD. Congrats to Jennifer & Roderic! Waiting eagerly to meet and begin our “Journey” together!…. All the best!


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