Sydney trailer shoot - Date, time, location, brief

Sydney trailer shoot – Date, time, location, brief


My sock puppets know where you live

At last, our chance for world domination


The Sydney trailer shoot is scheduled for Monday night, October 29th, 7pm-9pm.



The Lovesac store at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, (Shop 210 on the way to the HOYTS).


How do I get there?

There are bus services but you can also drive in via LANG rd, MOORE PARK and enter the ENTERTAINMENT QUARTER via ERROL FLYNN boulevard. Once in, park in the public PARKING STATION to your right. (Do not park illegally. There is a massive fine and it is well-policed). Monday night is normally quieter so parking should not be a problem but traffic getting to the EQ is often heavy around 6-7pm.



Parking is free for the first two hours.



First in, first served.


What if I am running late?

Call the HOD, David Steinhoff on 0417 400 001. We may run late too.


World domination is inevitable!

Ours will be the greatest trailer in the world

If Toronto, the GC, Melbourne or anywhere else think they can top it, bring it onWe know you are a bunch of  western Nancys. Prove us wrong.





What do I wear?

Arrive completely naked and demand to see wardrobe…. or you could wear clothes, whatever works for you. Given we won’t have a wardrobe team there, give serious thought to wearing clothes. At least hi-heels, (that means you Jon Cohen).



OMG! I cannot attend

That would be…. wegrettable. 

Your penalty would almost certainly be… death by sock puppets! They know where you live.

Sydney’s shoot will be part of the very FIRST TRAILER and a historical milestone for the project… but don’t worry…. it’s not as if OTHER PEOPLE WILL TAKE YOUR PLACE IN HISTORY.


What about hair and make up?

This is a walk-in. We shoot you as you are.


What are my lines?



“Begin the journey”

Editor Nathan, ‘Mac-Daddy’, Macdonald, will cut these into the master trailer with team from all over the world. We will also be making many versions of the same trailer. Everyone that fronts or sends a version will feature in an online version. Everyone.


For those who cannot attend you can get the full brief on the project right here.



What if I forget my lines?

The penalty would be death by sock puppets…. or we could just remind you of your lines and you could try again. If you forget again, we go with plan A, which is… death by sock puppets!

No pressure.

What if I’m not handsome or beautiful enough?

What are the chances you won’t be good-looking?

“Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up,”

What if I have a couple of moves, you know, a couple of versions, some movement, some posturing, perhaps dancing, even my own sock puppet, can I try a few versions?

Nail the lines first, seated, then show us your moves.

We know you’re too sexy for that shirt. Bring it, but pray G-d be brief.






Will there really be sock puppets?

Do you doubt it?

Lovesac has a scary clown too, (it lives in the closet or came out of the closet or something like that).




I only work with the best

Of course you do.

Who are are the team and crew?

It works like this, if someone gets a paid gig, they have to take it, so we have a redundancy plan of a couple of team members to cover the play.

Here are some of the team and crew.





  • Jason Williamson – Cameraman, DP, sound and dishwasher
  • Nathan Macdonald – Officially, our Editor but he can drive construction equipment and shoot if required. He’s also good with clowns
  • Ryan Rikic – Cameraman – 2nd unit. We’ll have Ryan wandering about doing on the spot, stills and videos of the members. He knows sexy and if you’ve got it, he’ll find you
  • Emanda Percival – 2nd AD. In layman’s terms, ‘door bitch’. Don’t mess with Emanda, she’s bringing her own dog and, ‘Radley’, the bulldog means business.
  • David Steinhoff – Running dog, (the other dog), courier, fire chief and sock puppet master handler
  • Special thanks to Jon Cohen for recommending the right set of heels to wear and equipment supply

Talent invited includes:

  • Annette Melton
  • Elizabeth Leigh
  • Krystle McGill
  • Emanda Percival
  • Rod Byrnes


‘How to’, videos

We have some special, ‘How to’, videos’ we will be recording on the night. If someone drops out, we may ask YOU to fill in. Anything can happen. Like Woody Allen says, “fifty percent of getting the part is just turning up”.


Why wasn’t I invited to be one of the special talent or crew?

Put up your hand up for next time girlfriend!


Noise whilst shooting

We want you to have fun. We want you to socialize with the other members BUT please do it slightly away from Lovesac otherwise, ‘Doorbitch’, Emanda will sick the sock puppets on you or worse, Radley the bulldog. She’ll do it and worse.


Questions, comments, concerns, complaints?

 E-mail the HOD or use the contact button or JUST ADD a REPLY TO THIS POST.




What could possibly go wrong?





Special thanks to our hosts for the evening, Lovesac

No sac, no love. Why not browse whilst your there?


Journey of the seeds -Our worldwide pals


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  1. It is still my firm belief that the HOD represents a moral hazard to women. I wish I had a daughter so I could forbid her to marry him.

  2. No clothes at all? Rediculous. I’m wearing my hat and boots.


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