What causes the near extinction of humanity?

Tony Vercoe



Key to Journey story is the near extinction of humanity.

The event should be…
1. Visually depict-able
2. ‘Out of control’ scary
3. Simple, preferably needing little or no explanation

Think tank

Neville Radovic’s ‘Think-tank’ team explored the problem and came up with…

  • A prycoclastic event such as what happened to Pompeii but on a massive scale
  • A Tungunska event where a comet explodes low over a methane rich area
  • A gamma ray burst from a dying star tears a hole in the ozone layer
  • A man made HAARPS events that tips the natural state of the planet into climate anarchy
  • A collapse of the resonating frequency of the planet
  • A mini black hole event caused by the Large Hadron Collider
  • A meteorite shower delivering an alien virus to the planet

We deemed the best two solutions to be Tony Vercoe’s metorite shower and Virginia Higgin’s resonance event.

The death of resonance

Planet Earth resonates at a frequency of 7.83 htz. So do human beings but the saturation of waves born of cell phone transmission are disrupting that frequency. It’s not even a blip on our radar right? Click on the image below to find out what the implications of disruption this long evolved frequency may be.

We were really impressed by author Virginia Higgin’s presentation on the death of RESONANCE but how could we display this visually? Amanda Asquith found this video. It represents an example of how resonance might be depicted. 

The death of resonance is a great idea but the concept required explanation and it failed to explain how we could see the whole of the northern hemisphere wiped out so quickly however we decided to employ resonance, not in this world but in the parallel universe. More on that later. 

Our final choice went with Anthony Vercoe’s alien meteorite shower.

The entity wakes in the same way as an Australian gum tree drops its seeds, post a fire, so entry into an atmosphere is the trigger for germination.

The scientific community advises the meteor shower poses no threat and will be stunning to watch however once the spore storm drifts to earth, the effect is immediate.

Recently, we also found an example of a fungal infection that predates on just one species. It can control the minds of the infected causing them to develop unusual growths from their body. It can wipe out an entire colony.

The meteor shower is visually depict-able and easy  to sell.


The meteor shower will be our inciting incident and the cause of the wipe-out.



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