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Title fight

Title fight


 Poll results Thank you for voting. The Title fight is now on. Your mission is to create a new title, designed specifically for the cable TV series of the Journey. Brief Prepare your ideas for a new title. DO NOT submit them until the call for submissions. You will be notified by email and social media […]

Series Bible (Part Five) - The story so far

Series Bible (Part Five) – The story so far


 Kudos Thanks so much to the team members who shaped the work so far. Part five is a summary based on your input.   Intro The Series Bible explains the foundations of the story. Whilst the posts reveal the big picture to the team, the audience will only ever see a riddle wrapped in an enigma. […]

Series Bible (Part Four) - Terror State

Series Bible (Part Four) – Terror State


   What would you do if you knew you couldn’t be caught? Australia is stunned by the events of Day One. Seven billion people have succumbed to an indescribable terror. Contact with the world is lost. A day before, the Australian people voted for change of government but that was then and this is now […]


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