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Zhu Yudong – Award-Winning Screenwriter & Film Director

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Zhu Yudong was born in 1974 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China.He studied painting during his early years and graduated from Nanjing University of Arts. Later, he studied directorship of feature films at Beijing Film Academy, receiving Master’s Degree. Since graduation, he has been affiliated and worked with the Documentary Studio (later merged into CCTV), and taught directorship and screenplay at the Central Academy of Drama.He has been granted many awards, including “Them” for the Excellent Screenplay Selection Award (2002) of Information Bureau of Executive Yuan, Taiwan, China; the screenplay, “Season of Daxi”, won the Xia Yan Cup Screenplay Award (2006) of the National Administration for Radio, Film and Television. In 2012, he wrote and directed the first theatrical film, “Island’s Dream, The”, which tells a story about some young people from an island, who go to pursue their dream after the Reforming and Opening era in China.