Full name

Yibain Emile – Aime Chah – Filmmaker

First name

Yibain Emile


Aime Chah


How did you find us?

Stage 32 and Steiny


Buea, Cameroon, Africa

About me

After reading geology at the University of Buea, in 1999 I started as a paint artist, and learned filmmaking by doing music videos. Since Filmmaking in Cameroon is still with teas, I have been going about it the guerrilla style, and together with my friends, we have realized quite some goo projects, including NINAH’S DOWRY, OBSESSION, BELEH, and a few others that have hit the world scene. I work most of the time either as a DP or a Cinematographer and am now considered one of the best cinematographers in Cameroon. Unfortunately I have never owned my own Camera, but the way I go about it is by downloading manuals of the latest Cameras and studying, updating myself about lenses and filters, watching classic movies, reading a lot of books on different aspects of filmmaking. Together with my colleagues, we are trying to develop a genre related to our visual realities, the aesthetics of our local communities, which we call “Afro-Racine”.