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I was ”blasted back” into the art world while living in Broken Hill, back in 1988. My art critics comment that my art doesn’t ”fit into any traditional style,” which is a compliment, to me. My art & writing is ”Modern Primitive,” & totally inspired & spontaneous. I’ve seen & experienced a number of things on my wider art journey, that I still can’t explain, but which all add to the mystery of life & people…& ”others….”


TIGER CREEK ART ( On ”Flickr” )
Victor Maloney ( You tube ) e.g. ”Goodbye Thy-lacine”
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Quotes that inspire

”If you go with the flow, Victor, you’ll go down the drain..”
( late Broken Hill art legend, Pro Hart, my art mentor)
”No-one paints like that, it doesn’t look how it should look…”
(Many ”art critics/ experts” who can’t fit my art into a box)
”I’ve handled many wild snakes & giant lizards in the wild, but, nothing scares me more than painting alongside Victor..”
( My Tasmanian ”Partner in art crime,” Bill Flowers, when showing an observer the ”bite marks” on his arm, received while doing a ”Paint Off” with me. See You tube video titled ”Victor & Bill’s Art Face off”)