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Thibul Nettle

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Linkedin and Steiny


Adelaide Australia

About me

Recording Artist/Actor/Screen Writer/Film Producer

I’m a professional entertainer with experience within music, the main genre being hip hop as a recording artist and song writer in which I ran under my stage name or entertainment name “Stinga T”.

I am also a professional actor, I love film from being in front of the camera to behind the scenes I love every aspect of it. I am very passionate about the Australian Film Industry and believe that we can make this country one of the best in the world for producing good Australia films. What I am also very passionate about is seeing Aboriginal Australians more involved in the film industry and having successful film careers here in Australia and Overseas. I would like to see Aboriginal actors being cast in mainstream films which lead me to start my film production company “Firestick Films” ideally for producing the screenplay I write. I look forward to sharing my music and films with the world as I have done so for the last decade plus.


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