• Derek Stephen McPhail posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    did you get my 2nd affirmation, that yes, I’m all for moving ahead with the new project name, “Sentient” and the focus on survivors? also, wondered if you still had any interest in my previous Canadian character proposal: an Innuit Coast Guard navigation officer, travelling on an ice breaker in the Arctic, named “Atka Ungalaaqa”. all the best with the new visualization. happy trails, Stephen McP

    • Hi Stephen,
      Got that and thanks.

      Yes, but first we focus on getting the site sorted, the new project launched, the team focused, the first trailer and the Sydney franchise. Great concept for the survivors up that way.

      • David;

        do understand you have a lot on your plate.

        just let me know, when you’re ready to have a conversation about developing my Canajun character.

        all the best.