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Sand Das


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Kolkata, INDIA.

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A Graphics & Web Designer, Social Media Promotion Geek [Guranteed Result] providing service for International clients since 2002. After completing general studies in schooling I have settled myself to make an impact in an ideal platform where I will be able to show my creativity in the form of digital art & it’s versatility expressed in web medias with full effect. I am providing my creative services as freelancer till now for 100s of Global clients in their events and promotions. Currently I am looking for a fulltime contract base professional engagement for any esteem organisation, Celebrity, Performer from any background but full of ethical values for humanity and it’s broader aspects. If you or your organisation is looking for a real creative to work along with you or your organisation round the clock, contact me, I will be happy to hear your offer.


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Success Never Comes Alone – Life As Realized: Sand Das.