Full name

Rebecca Jo Hanbury – Actor

First name

Rebecca Jo


Bacash (Hanbury)


How did you find us?

Linkedin and Steiny


Melbourne Australia

About me

After being awarded with a full scholarship and training as an actress at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, Rebecca has gone on to work professionally in TV, Film and Theatre.

Honing her skills as a “people person” and natural “story teller”, Rebecca has worked in a plethora of industries, where her ability to interact, “perform” well and be part of a team in order to bring structure and fluidity to a business have been her strengths.

Rebecca along with her husband Nick have been working in various aspects of production and events. Initially Cariad Productions, where they created a forum and channel for their script writing in theatre and film and ‘Events on Film’, which was solely a photography and videography production company. More recently as a natural progression and amalgamation, Nick and Rebecca have established themselves as ‘Cariad Creative’ (.com) a Creative Agency specialising in Creative, digital, content and media production.

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